About the Comic Book Club

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Founded in 2015, I (@chao_xian) decided to start up a Comic Book Club with a few of those local to me who I know are fellow comic book geeks.

Updated: since moving to London I’m no longer part of the group but am still with my friends in spirit. The other three members continue the club without me. While it saddens me that I don’t get to be there with them, it brings me much joy to know that they continue to run the club without me. And I’ll be reading from a distance.


Club rules

Some of this is cribbed from Radio 4’s guide to running a bookclub, plus Bleeding Cool’s guide (via @tomwe):

  • The first rule is… you do no talk about the comic book we’re reading before the club meet
  • Keep membership very small
  • The entire club has to approve any proposed new members
  • Members have to love comics, be friends and be nice
  • It is a club, not a tweetup - you can’t just come along
  • Chit chat for 15-20 minutes before Club begins
  • Host arranges date ASAP
  • Host picks book in advance
  • Host picks venue
  • Host chairs the club session
  • When it’s someone’s turn to speak, try not to interrupt
  • If you have a salient point to make during someone else’s turn, keep it short
  • It’s Host’s role to move things along from an interruption
  • We take turns being Host
  • Budget of ~£15 max
  • It has to be available to buy from a retailer - not just eBay and definitely not just from torrents
  • You can buy digital or a hardcopy version to read
  • Ideally something none of us have read, or at the very least not read for many years
  • Think of 3 points about the book you want to say and bring it along
  • Plus a sentence on whether you liked it and why
  • It would be helpful to write these down
  • Give it a score out of 5
  • Host should do a write-up for this site, following current format
  • People are welcome to write elsewhere about our meetups but please link back to us
  • Repeat once a month!

The last few will be curated into reviews on this site :bowtie: