About the Comic Book Club

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Founded in 2015 and inspired by the book club that my wife is part of, I (@chao_xian) decided to start up a Comic Book Club with a few of those local to me who I know are fellow comic book geeks.


Club rules

Some of this is cribbed from Radio 4’s guide to running a bookclub, plus Bleeding Cool’s guide (via @tomwe):

  • The first rule is… you do no talk about the comic book we’re reading before the club meet
  • Keep membership very small
  • The entire club has to approve any proposed new members
  • Members have to love comics, be friends and be nice
  • It is a club, not a tweetup - you can’t just come along
  • Chit chat for 15-20 minutes before Club begins
  • Host arranges date ASAP
  • Host picks book in advance
  • Host picks venue
  • Host chairs the club session
  • When it’s someone’s turn to speak, try not to interrupt
  • If you have a salient point to make during someone else’s turn, keep it short
  • It’s Host’s role to move things along from an interruption
  • We take turns being Host
  • Budget of ~£15 max
  • It has to be available to buy from a retailer - not just eBay and definitely not just from torrents
  • You can buy digital or a hardcopy version to read
  • Ideally something none of us have read, or at the very least not read for many years
  • Think of 3 points about the book you want to say and bring it along
  • Plus a sentence on whether you liked it and why
  • It would be helpful to write these down
  • Give it a score out of 5
  • Host should do a write-up for this site, following current format
  • People are welcome to write elsewhere about our meetups but please link back to us
  • Repeat once a month!

The last few will be curated into reviews on this site :bowtie: