Transformers vs GI Joe Volume 1

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The first meetup of The Comic Book Club was hosted by me and we got together to discuss Transformers vs GI Joe.

I came across the book in this Top Comics of 2014 listing by AV Club (HT @itspaulmcgroovy) and had it on my wishlist for a while. Being featured by AV Club has got to mean it’s good right? Well…

Here are the reviews by The Comic Book Club members with quotes selected by me.


“In summary, I hated this”.

@dandineen - font geek.


“Bad: Text didn’t look right. Good: Kinda childish but in a good way”.

Hon Dineen - making Dan proud by complaining about the typography.


“I guess I enjoyed it”.

@tomwe - loves Transformers so much that he brought some of his TF collection along to the pub to show us.


“It’s too aware of it’s own coolness. They didn’t pull it off”.

@tygertale - a far better blogger than me.


“I felt really conflicted over this. But I know I’ll never read it again”.

@chao_xian - glad to have an excuse to buy graphic novels and talk about it with other geeks.

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